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2021 Promo Video:

Ginger Snaps performing “Dr. Manhattan” at the 2018 Burlesque Hall of Fame:

Ginger performing her “High Priestess” act at Black Widow Burlesque Occult: Solstice:

Ginger Snaps performing as “Hyper Harlota” in the acclaimed theatrical production, “Agent Andromeda:”

Hyper Harlota- Agent Andromeda Sequence-SD from Ginger Snaps on Vimeo.

Ginger Snaps and Randy Dodger performing their award-winning number, “Vagitarian:”

Ginger Snaps performing her Lucky The Leprechaun number at Austin PRIDE 2016:

Ginger Snaps Burlesque performs Lucky the Leprechaun from ginger snaps on Vimeo.

Ginger Snaps performing her Prince tribute number, When Doves Cry:

Ginger Snaps performing her acclaimed “Fragile” number on aerial lyra.

Ginger Snaps performing on aerial lyra in the award-winning music video by Wild Bill and the Lost Knobs, “The Show.”

Ginger Snaps performing her David Bowie tribute number, “Ginger Stardust:”

And sometimes Ginger sings!


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