Ginger has many acts to fit your event! Listed below you’ll find a sampling of *some* of her acts, or email her to see if she has something to fit your theme! Custom performances are available upon request.

Dr. Manhattan ( on aerial Sphere )

This is one of Ginger’s newest acts on her custom aerial Sphere! Ginger takes you on a journey exploring the character Dr. Manhattan of Watchmen fame as he struggles with his increasingly tenuous relationship with the earth and humanity, and eventual loss. Featuring her custom light up costuming! (photo by Curvy Girl Photography)

Ginger Loves Lucy

This is a tribute act to the one and only Lucille Ball! In this performance Ginger pays homage to Lucy’s days in Ziegfield Follies and Lucy’s infamous tribute to them in the episode “Lucy Gets in Pictures.” Ginger dons the giant pink headdress and fluffy fabulous costume as she attempts to balance said headdress across the stage while managing her costuming and showgirl glamour! If you’re looking for glamour, comedy, and audience participation, this is the act for you!

Fragile (on Lyra or floor)

This is one of Ginger’s most acclaimed numbers and a festival favorite! Featuring her favorite voluminous blue costume and showcasing her love of fluid lyra performance, this number takes you on a dark and lovely ride through the spins and turns of seamless aerial and burlesque fusion.


Lucky The Leprechaun

This act is a tribute to king of breakfast cereals, Lucky Charms! It begins with Ginger narrowly escaping those darn kids and escalates with her getting down and dirty! In the finale, Ginger steps into the giant bowl on stage and takes a bath in her Lucky Charms and Milk! This number received a standing ovation at it’s premiere and is sure to leave the audience sticky and sweet 🙂

Self-Basting Turkey

This act can be in the air or on the floor. The Ginger turkey cooks and bastes herself in gravy….great for the holidays!








When Doves Cry (aerial sphere)

This is one of Ginger’s newest numbers, performed on her aerial sphere! A sexy, spinny, sparkly good time blending aerial strength and attitude-laden dance!

I Can Feel It Comin’

This act is all about the anticipation of waiting for the next season of Stranger Things! With a heavy 80s vibe and Ginger dancing with a giant Netflix envelope, this lighthearted performance will put a smile on the face of any audience!

Great Gig In The Sky (on aerial sphere)

This act is a tribute act about passing on from this earth, performed to Pink Floyd’s “Great Gig In The Sky.” It can be done as burlesque or strictly as an aerial performance.

Shia LeBeouf

Actual Cannibal, Shia LeBeouf.

Doc Brown

Ginger takes you Back to the Future with this tribute to the one and only Doc Brown performed to “Time After Time,” naturally!

Crazy Cat Lady

Ginger brings one of her passions to the stage with this act, Cats! In this number Ginger portrays her alter ego and shows you how even the craziest of cat ladies can bring out the sex appeal! Nominated for a 2013 Texas Burlesque Festival Audience Choice award, this act is sure to get you laughing and cheering!

cat lady live caroline poe photography

Ginger Stardust (aerial sphere)

A Tribute to one of Ginger’s favorite singers of all time, the incomparable David Bowie! This number takes you on a journey inside one of the most iconic concept albums of all times, Ziggy Stardust. featuring performance on her aerial sphere. Ginger whirls, twirls, and thrills in this dynamic and colorful performance!


Hyper Harlota (floor / lyra)

Jumping from the pages of the acclaimed aerial show, Agent Andromeda, Ginger brings to the solo world one of her favorite characters she’s ever portrayed! Hyper Harlota is a sex-bot from a Barbarella-esque future where she has struck out on a path all her own and become of the universe’s top performers, featured at he Surge. She IS the droid you’re looking for….Hyper Harlota!


Sagan in Space (available in Lyra, Pole, or floor)

This number features quotes from the inimitable Carl Sagan set to the music of Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir.” It’s a surreal romp stripping through space and time complete with 70s sci fi styled costuming!


Sauron’s Uruk-hai (on Lyra)

Sauron’s Uruk-hai has found the one ring to rule them all (lyra), and performs a menacing dance with it to seduce the audience! Be prepared to cower in fear from the sexiest of the orcs!


Origin of Love (on Lyra)

This number is performed to “Origin of Love” from Hedwig and the Angry Inch and is one of Ginger’s most dramatic and beautiful numbers. Featuring a lyrical performance on her spinning lyra and custom dazzling costume from Sew She Said, this number is a true show-stopper!

dramatic hoop


Star Trekkin’ (on Lyra or floor)

Join Ginger as she celebrates her love of Star Trek TNG! This number features some classic TNG theme music and segues into Muse’s “Starlight” as Ginger takes flight! She’ll beam you up for a fun and nerdy time 🙂


Benny Does Burlesque

Benjamin Franklin does burlesque….who knew?!? This number is full of surprises set to the tune of “Danger, High Voltage” by Electric Six! Celebrate the founding father’s the way they intended 😉


Classic meets Contemporary

In this act Ginger starts you off with a classic striptease out of her slinky blush gown and down to her sparkling skivvies! The mood of the number then shifts darker as the sultry sounds of a deep industrial song break forth and Ginger breaks into a seductive fan dance to enthrall the audience! (Seen at Texas Burlesque Festival 2011 and Hot Rods and Heels 2011)



Set to The Kinks “Lola,” Ginger takes you on a two and a half gender romp through her idea of what that man in the bar may have come across! This act elicits squeals of surprised delight whenever she performs it and is a personal favorite of Ginger’s. But if you sit too close to the stage, watch out for glitter spooge! Nominated for a 2012 Texas Burlesque Festival Audience Choice Award, this number is one of Ginger’s most memorable!


Good to Ginger

A Twist on the classic song “When You’re Good to Mama,” Ginger does a provocative striptease while singing her version of “Good to Ginger” and giving you some tit for tat!



Ginger loves nothing more than a little tongue-in-cheek fun, and shows that off in this tribute to one of her favorite animals! Ginger performs this number to Lords of Acid’s “Pussy” and frolics about the stage in her feline best! Everyone loves  a playful little kitty and you’ll see what happens when you give this one a little catnip!



Ginger performs a creepy sexy number as one of horror’s ultimate villains, Nosferatu! Be prepared to be simultaneously turned on…and a little creeped out!


Ginger Performs with a live Band!

Ginger is available to perform to your music…live! Please email for more details! Seen here performing live with Voltaire: